The Flight

We flight every day of the year, weather permitting.
We meet every morning in the early hours of light when nature is waking, the winds are calm and the air temperature is ideal and it is the safest time of the day too. foto1 Here we can find the best deal to fly safely.
On a careful weather observation, foto2 the pilot notifies the passengers on the feasibility of flying on the chosen date or for any possible changes. So it is very important to contact us by mail or telephone before a flight.
Once we've made sure that the weather condition is safe for flying, we decide the location, where the pilot will give you a full safety briefing. foto3 to explain the behavior and the lengths to keep inside the basket, before, during and after your flight.
Then, if you wish to, you'll be invited to help the team with the inflation of the balloon foto4 till its recovery on one of our jeeps. foto5
The inflation will take approximately 40 minutes but before you’ll realize you'll be climbing into the balloon basket and you'll be off rising towards the clouds. foto2
Keep your camera ready because within minutes you’ll be able to see for miles around you and enjoying breathtaking views from a completely new prospective.
All aeronautical authorities and services including airports, will be informed of the flight plan. foto7
The maximum flight height is about 500meters, that will allow you to enjoy the landscapes even more while lightly touching the tree tops on the hill sides while a morning breeze brushes your skin. foto8
No special preparation is required but it would be advised to wear appropriate clothing like comfortable trousers and not to wear high heels.
The temperature will be the same as on the ground. foto9
We keep a radio contact with our recovery team during the whole flight that lasts about an hour.
Our baskets can take 2 - 4 - 6 - 12 passengers at a time. foto10
After this unique experience a buffet and a glass of Chianti will be waiting for you, and you'll receive a certificate to remember this fantastic day. foto11 Book your flight!